Sunday, September 21, 2008

Cricut Expression Electronic Diecutter

I had my 40th birthday while traveling for my 2 conferences. Before I left, my husband gave me a birthday card indicating that we would go get me a Cricut diecutting machine which was on my wish list. Today was my first full day back from the trip and it was just one of those lazy, do nothing but relax Sundays (I really needed that). Anyway, my relaxation for the day was to do more research on the Cricut to determine which machine I wanted and make sure that a Cricut was the right machine for me. I started my first scrapbooking project (actually 2 at the exact same time) in August, but I've been collecting scrapbooking materials for the last couple of years, just never found the time to sit down and do anything. So about a month ago I sat down to do my first page. It took FOREVER!!!! I had no idea it could take so long. I did not have enough of the letter stickers I needed just for the first page. Nor did I have the right stickers in the right colors. After 6 hours I finally had 3 pages started, but none of them were completed because I did not have everything I needed. I went to WalMart, Hobby Lobby and Michael's and bought a few things, but of course the one thing I needed was the same letter style stickers I'd bought 2 years ago which none of them had in stock. So a month later I still have 3 partially completed pages.

Shortly before my birthday I recalled an infomercial I'd seen on tv a few months ago for the Cricut. I thought it was interesting but did not see a use for it at the time. But after struggling with those 3 pages, I WANT one!! I love the idea of printing out letters on my choice of paper stock, color, etc. and in the size I want. I will no longer be stuck with white or black letters in just one size. I can also print shapes and designs all I want!! After researching all day and evening, I've decided on the Cricut Expression. Part of the decision is based on the paper size it can print on. Now that I know which one I'm going to get, I want it NOW. I can't wait to try it out, but realistically it will be probably after October 22nd before I get to really use it since I have another big conference coming up the 21st and 22nd. Once I get it though I'll post back and let you know what I really think of it.

Have a wonderful week!

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