Sunday, July 18, 2010

Candy Holder/Desk Organizer

Here is a project I created for my GIBBS swap partner, Denni, on the messageboard.  This could be a desk organizer, candy holder, marker holder, etc.  I picked up a project pack of my most favored Graphic 45 Domestic Goddess line from a scrapbooking store in Warsaw, MO and this was one of the project ideas they had listed.  If I find an online tutorial for this project I will post a link.

I really like the way it turned out and hope she likes it just as much!!

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Countdown to Kindergarten with Cindy Loo Cart

This is my Cindy Loo Project entry for the Design Team.  Be sure to visit the Design Team blog for more fabulous projects and cards from some incredible designers!!

I made this Countdown to Kindergarten Cookie Sheet for a friend who's daughter will be starting Kindergarten this fall.  The Cindy Loo cartridge is so perfect for this project.  I hope my friend and her daughter will love it as much as I enjoyed making it for her.

Cindy Loo Cricut Cartridge
1 15 x 10 Cookie Sheet
1 piece each of 5 colors of cardstock
1 piece 12 x 12 Designer cardstock
1 piece 6 x 12 Designer cardstock
Various coordinating scrap pieces of Designer cardstock/paper
1 piece chipboard approx 8 x 10 (back of paper stacks works well too)
30 small magnets
Scallop edge punch
Gesso (optional)
Yes Paste or Mod Podge
Pop Up Glue Dots
Tombo Mono Aqua Adhesive
Coordinating ribbon (wide enough to cover edge of cookie sheet and serve as hanger)
Stickles to coordinate with cardstock
Sakura Gelly Roll Pen - Stardust
Embellishments like Buttons, Flowers, Skittles, Stickles, Ribbon

From Cindy Loo Cart:
Cut 30 of Doily1 Shadow on chipboard at 1.25" tall
Cut 6 of Doily1 Shadow from each color of cardstock (total of 30) at 1.25" tall
Cut numbers 1-30 using Font Layer button from coordinating scrap pieces of DSP.  (Using DesignStudio, I cut at a height of .650".  If you do not use DesignStudio,  cut at .75" tall)
Cut your choice of images/flourishes with appropriate layers from cartridge in varying heights (My tallest was the tree at 1.5" tall).
Cut letters "Countdown to" using Font Layer button on 1 sheet of cardstock.  (Using DesignStudio, I cut at at height of approx. .863.  Without DesignStudio cut at approx 1").
Cut letters "Kindergarten" using Font Layer button on 1 sheet of cardstock.  (Using Design Studio, I cut at height of approx. 1.391".  Without DesignStudio cut at 1.5").

Using Tombo Mono Adhesive, adhere the cardstock cuts of Doily1 to the chipboard cuts making sure to match edges as much as possible.  Using coordinating stickles, outline the edges of each square.
Using Tombo Mono Adhesive, assemble and adhere the layers of images/florishes.  Use stickles, gelly roll pens, markers etc to decorate and add dimension to cuts.  Adhere to Doily1 squares. 
Using Pop Up Glue Dots, adhere the numbers 1-30 to the Doily1 squares.  Use gelly roll pens, Sakura White Souffle Pen, buttons, flowers, etc to decorate squares.
Adhere magnets to the back of the squares using hot glue or Glossy Accents. Do not use glue dots as the magnets are more likely to separate from the paper when removed from the cookie sheet.

Use coordinating stickles and outline letters "Countdown to Kindergarten".

Optional Step:
Apply Gesso to backside of cookie sheet.  I do this to help the paper adhere as Gesso gives it some texture.  Let dry.

Lay 12 x 12 Designer cardstock on cookie sheet and determine how much overhang is needed to be able to fold over on sides and touch or nearly touch the flange, cut off leftover.  Fold paper over edge of tray.  I used my ScorPal to create straight fold lines.  You do not have to be perfect as you will use ribbon to cover edges. 

Apply mod podge or Yes Paste (my preference) to back of DSP and adhere to cookie sheet being sure to smooth out any bubbles.

Cut 6" x 12 Designer cardstock in half to create 2 - 3" x 12" strips.  Use scallop edge punch along 1 long edge of both pieces.  Place on cookie sheet with scallop edge facing in and determine how much overhang is needed to fold over the edge.  I used my Scor-Pal and scored along long side (opposite of scallop edge) of each piece of cardstock to make a nice fold.  I also used the ScorPal for the side edges too.

Apply mod podge or Yes Paste to back of each piece of cardstock.  Adhere the strips to top and bottom of the cookie sheet.  Fold the edges of one side under the other to make nice corner creases.

Use stickles to decorate the scalloped edges of the designer cardstock.  Apply adhesive to the back of the ribbon and apply ribbon along the edge of the cookie sheet to give nice finish to edges.

Use Crop-A-Dile Big Bite to punch 2 holes along top edge flange for ribbon to serve as the hanger.  Add ribbon and secure with brads, eyelets, adhesive or simply tie a knot on each side.

Adhere buttons to side of tray on top of ribbon using glue dots or liquid adhesive.  Decorate front of cookie sheet with flowers, brads, ribbon, skittle, etc.  The sky's the limit.

Monday, July 12, 2010

Sneak Peek for GIBBS Swap Project

Here is a sneak peek to my Cookie Sheet countdown calendar project using the Cindy Loo cartridge.  My GIBBS swap partner, Denni, will receive this hopefully next week!!  I hope she and her daughter enjoy it!!  I will post more pictures on the 17th so be sure to check back!!

Thursday, July 1, 2010 Design Team - Card Project for June

This is the card I submitted for the Design Team blog.  I received the Cindy Loo cartridge which is the exact cart I was hoping to receive.  New projects will be posted about every 2 days so follow their blog and keep watching for unique and beautiful creations by all of the design team members!!

Cindy Loo Cartridge
Doodlebug Bon Bon Crushed Velvet Flock
Tan Flock
ColorBox Fluid Chalk Cat’s Eye Inkpad – Dark Brown
ColorBox Fluid Chalk Cat’s Eye Inkpad - Blackbird
Glue Glider Pro and Permatac Adhesive
Tombow Mono Aqua Adhesive
Lime Green Stickles
Green Stickles
Pop Up Glue Dots
Xyron Sticker Machine
    Shiny Silver
    Dark Green
    Light Green
    Dark Brown
    Light Tan/Brown
Cricut DesignStudio Software

Using the Cindy Loo cartridge -  
     Cut Doily2 (page 69) at 5” on shiny silver, a dark green, light green, and dark brown.
     Cut Deer (page 61) at 2.75” on light tan/brown twice.
     Cut Squirrel (page 61) at 1.5” on dark brown twice.
     Cut a circle at 4.25” (I used Plantin Schoolbook)

     On the shiny silver paper trim along inside edge of circle cutting out the trees and animals.
     On the light green paper, trim out the center tree.
     On the dark brown, trim out the trees trunks/bases.

Use Tombow Mono Aqua to:
    Adhere the light blue circle to the back of the dark green paper
    Adhere the tree trunks to the dark green paper
    Adhere 1 deer and 1 squirrel to the dark green paper
    Adhere the silver doily to the front of the dark green paper covering the feet of the animals

Use Pop Up Glue Dots to:
    Adhere the light green trees to the center trees
    Adhere 1 deer and 1 squirrel on top of the ones you glued down

- Run the last deer and squirrel face down through Xyron Sticker Machine
- Apply dark brown flock to the front last deer and use Dark Brown Cat’s Eye to ink all of the edges 
- Use Pop Up Glue Dots and adhere it to the top of the 2nd deer
- Apply tan flock to the front of the last squirrel and use Blackbird Cat’s Eye inkpad to ink all of the edges
- Use a black marker to drawn in the tail and head shape
- Use Pop Up Glue Dots to adhere it to the top of the 2nd squirrel
- Add pearls between each scallop and smaller pearls to the light green tree.
- Outline the dark green trees with green stickles  and the light green trees with lime green stickles.
- Tie a thin ribbon around the neck of the deer and then add small black pearls for the eyes of both the deer and squirrel. 

Using Design Studio, weld 2 of Doily2 together overlapping about 1/2 inch.  Use the Hide Contour feature to hide the interior cuts for the card base on both.  Attach the finished card front to the welded doily with the Glue Glider Pro Permatac.