Friday, April 30, 2010 Design Team Entry - HVAC Flowers

I didn't know I was going to get so many requests for the tutorial for the HVAC flowers.  So here it is!  This is also a blog post entry for the ScrapbookPal Design Team.  Wish me luck!

Post a comment and let me know if you liked this tutorial.  I hope you will find it helpful!!

Sorry some of the photos are so dark, they were taken at 3 am and I had not made my photo light box (oh that could be another tutorial, but suffice it to say I made my own photo light box so I could take better photos.  And it works!)  so some of these photos are pre-photo box and some are post-photo box that I retook after I made the box.

My Finished Flowers:

Items I Used:

*HVAC Tape (1.88”-2.5”) - picture of the tape I bought at end of post
8.5. x 11” White cardstock
Diecut flowers from George Cricut cart cut at 2” and 3”
Alcohol Inks(4 colors per flower)
Tim Holtz/Adirondack Alcohol Ink Applicator and 1 piece of Applicator Felt

Cut strips of the HVAC Tape long enough to cover the white cardstock.  I used about 5 strips.  Make sure to overlap the sections and press tape down well so alcohol ink does not cause a line of ink in the seam.   The tape does not need to be perfectly smooth on the cardstock so don’t worry about bubbles.  

This is what the cardstock looks like when totally covered:
 Cut one 2” flower and two 3” flowers.   I used the George cart and cut out the flower with SHIFT ON in the 4th row, 9th button.

Run the flowers through the cuttlebug using the divine swirls A2 embossing folder.   You can chose any embossing folder you want of course.

Add 1-2 drops of each color of alcohol ink to each petal of the flowers.  Do this quickly before the ink dries.  I used 4 different colors per flower – a terra cotta/caramel color, a blue, a green and a cranberry/plum.  

Using the alcohol ink applicator with the felt attached, pounce the applicator up and down (and twist as you go) over the entire flower until silver foil is covered in ink.  On a couple of the flowers I then added a couple more drops of one of the brighter color inks and pounced again.

This is what my flowers looks like after pouncing:

Using a pencil, pen, paper piercer or other small rounded object, roll the flower petals down slightly.  

Place liquid adhesive around the center hole of one of the 3” flowers and put the other 3” flower on top rotating the flower so that so you can see the petals of the flower below.  Then add liquid adhesive to the top of that flower and put the 2” flower on top again rotating so petals below are visible.  Add a glue dot or more liquid adhesive and add a button to the top of the flower. You could use a brad, bling, etc.  instead of a button.

My finished flowers:

*HVAC Tape is a silver foil tape that can be purchased at Home Depot and Lowes in the area where they have the heating/AC stuff.  Make sure the tape does not have printing on it.   The only tape at my store without printing on it was made by Shurtape and was 1.88” wide which works just fine.  The tape has a liner on the underside that you remove to get to the sticky part.

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