Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Graduation Banner - Take 2

So I have these wonderful friends on the message board and in my Skype group who are some of the most fantastic crafters I've ever met.  So today I was looking at the banner I posted earlier and thought "hmmm what would they do to this banner?"  So I said "Self,  Jen would say add bling" so I added bling, and  then I thought butterflies cause she uses a lot of butterflies.  Then I said "Self, Jessica would say add doodle dots and doodle stitching", so I added some of that.  Then I said "Self, Kimi would say you aren't done chick, add more".  So I added more, more embellishments, more pearls and then even more embellishments. Finally, I think I can say I'm pretty happy with this banner because it is a lot more like my DD, a bit of randomness in a whole lot of beauty .  I hope you like it in "Take 2".


StarlightScrapper said...

Oh I think it was a great idea to listen to those voices in your head! They were right - more is more! This came out GORGEOUS!!!! She is gonna love it!

Leah said...

WOW! What a gorgeous banner, I love all the details you added (and kept adding *lol*) It is gorgeous, a keepsake for sure:)