Thursday, July 5, 2012

Pantry Challenge - July 2012

I'm a few days behind in joining, but I am joining a Pantry Challenge over at the blog.  I have been looking for an active challenge to help me use up what I already have in my pantry, fridges and freezers.  I did really well in February and March (I believe those were the 2 months) by only going to the store for milk, eggs, and cheese once or twice during that time.  Somewhere around then I started buying produce from  If you've never heard of BountifulBaskets I can tell you it is pretty awesome.  We get a basket full of fruits and veggies every 2 weeks for $16.50.  I did price out what I got at King Soopers once and I would have had to spend $33.50 and still not get everything I got in my BountifulBasket.  Normally I would pick up lettuce, onion, tomatoes, maybe some bananas and that is about all I'd get from the produce section (unless they had fresh corn at a good price).  Now I get tons of fruit and veggies and we eat them!  But this post is not about BountifulBaskets.  It is about using up what I already have in the house.  I'm combining this with the menu planning I've been afraid to jump into wholeheartedly but here we go now!

Since this is my first challenge, I am not going to set any outrageous goals (some people commit to not going to the grocery store at all or send only $10 in a month on food, etc.)  I am going to do my best to make meals that use what we already have in stock without extraneous trips to the grocery store.  However if I find boneless skinless chicken breasts for $1.49/lb you can bet I'm going to restock my refrigerator.

Do you want to join us??

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