Wednesday, January 5, 2011

I Confess - I'm A Collector!!

Yep it's confession time!  I'm a collector of Cricut Cartridges and paper stacks, oh and stickles, and embellishments, and stamps, oh and ribbon too.  I probably have enough paper to wallpaper my entire house and probably yours too!!   I have so many embellishments but never seem to have what I want or need when I'm in the middle of a project so I go buy more only to find out that I already had those very same embellishments in a drawer.

So how many Cricut cartridges have you purchased or been given that you've never really used.  I'm sad to say that of my now 67 carts (gasp!!) a large number fall into that category.  So many of these cartridges I wanted so bad, had a project in mind for them even, yet once they arrived I was just too busy to use them.  So I am playing along with the gals over at The Collector's Cut blog and am going to start using my carts more often.  The challenge is simple: USE YOUR CRICUT CARTRIDGES!!  Basically you select a cartridge (I wrote all mine down on popsicle sticks and will then draw one from a jar) and use it for a project, layout, card, home decor, whatever you want, just use it.  Then post photos on your blog (or facebook) if you have one.  Once you have used that cartridge, then you draw another from the jar.  For me, most likely if I draw a font cartridge I will draw another cartridge to work with too. 

I'm hoping that not only will I use my cartridges more often, I will also build up a stack of general all occasion, birthday and even Christmas cards and tags.  This should help me use up some of my paper and ribbon in the process.  Wish me luck!!


Vicki said...

Hello My Name Is Vicki, and I am a collector. I have 48 carts and all but two are still brand new in the case. I have purchased two 12x12 scrapbooking paper racks from a store that went out, they are full plus several shelves of DCWV huge pads. Now it not just a few pieces of paper for each holiday, no the racks are full to the brim with each section for a different use. That's not to say that the extra bedroom that became my craft room is so full I am spilling over into the family room! Yes sadly I have to admit I am a collector too.

Tammy said...

Awwww, a woman after my own heart!! You are officially one of the crowd Vicki!